Life on the Ocean Waves
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My name is Debbie King and my husband Trevor and I absolutely love going on cruises.  So I have created this web site for anyone who has an interest in ships, the sea and all things nautical. There is something irresistible about life on the ocean waves; the glitz and glamour, the social interaction with your fellow passengers, the luxury, the excitement of waking up in a different place every day, and the food and drink. Ah yes... the food and drink :-) We have visited all seven continents and, to date, have done 42 sea voyages, including the Maiden Voyage of the greatest ocean liner ever built, the Queen Mary 2  and an unforgettable expedition to Antarctica.  We have several more booked. Just a note... All the pictures of the ships and any information about them was correct at the time we sailed on those particular ships.  A lot has changed since our first sea voyage in 1988 and this means that the cruise lines and ships portrayed in this web site may no longer exist as shown.
Other Trips Not all of our holidays are cruises.  We like to see the world in other ways and the best of these are described in the Other Trips section of this web site.  Most memorable are our two Concorde flights and a visit to the Canadian sub-arctic tundra to spot wild polar bears.
Queen Mary 2 in Tenerife on her Maiden Voyage in 2004 Marco Polo at Cuverville Island, Antartica, in 2006 Queen Elizabeth in Lisbon on her Maiden Voyage in 2010
Queen Mary 2  in Tenerife, a port of call on her Maiden Voyage in January 2004. Read more >>  
Marco Polo in a stunning Antarctic ice-scape in January 2006. Read more >>  
Queen Elizabeth  in Lisbon, a port of call on her Maiden Voyage in October 2010. Read more >>  
August 2017  We had a most enjoyable cruise of the German Waterways on board Fred Olsen’s Balmoral, where we visited Kiel, Wismar, Hamburg and Bremen amongst other places, and transited both ways through the Kiel Canal.   Read more >>