Life on the Ocean Waves
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Artemis Braemar Arcadia
Nautical miles sailed to date
Amazon Explorer
Clicking on the small maps below will open a full-size map (1024 x 768) in its own window, on which I have drawn the route each ship took. For clarity, I have listed the ports of call on each voyage separately, along with their geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude.)
Small map of our Amazon cruise on the Braemar
Ship: M/S Braemar - 3 - 17 February 2011 Bridgetown, Barbados: 13º 06' N, 59º 38' W Cross the Equator: 00º 00' N/S, 51º 01' W Santarèm, Brazil: 02º 22' S, 54º 44' W Parintins, Brazil: 02º 36' S, 56º 45' W Manaus, Brazil: 03º 06' S, 60º 01' W Boca da Valeria, Brazil: 2º 37 ' S, 56º 40 ' W Alter do Chão, Brazil: 02º 30 ' S, 54º 57 ' W Cross the Equator: 00º 00' S/N, 51º 01' W Bridgetown, Barbados: 13º 06' N, 59º 38' W
Crossing the Equator as shown on our GPS
Crossing the Equator on our 2011 trip to the Amazon.
Ecopark Lodge near Manaus, Amazonia
This map shows where we stayed in the Amazon Ecopark Lodge (click image to see large map). I have also marked on the area where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoës meet and flow side by side for several miles as the Encontro dos Aguas or 'meeting of the waters'. We also stayed in this same lodge in 2001, where we took part in such adventures as piranha fishing, caiman and monkey spotting, visited the village of an indigenous tribe and undertook a three-hour nature trek through the rainforest.