Life on the Ocean Waves
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A Chinese Odyssey The famous Great Wall of China The Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an (excavation pit 1) The famous Tiananmen Square, Beijing Gateway to the Summer Palace, Beijing
If you want to visit a place rich in history and culture, with priceless treasures and a colourful and diverse landscape, China is the place to go. We took a fortnight’s tour of the country in August 2012 and packed a lot into our long and interesting days. I have selected some photos for this page to give a taste of China, but if you are interested you can read a detailed journal of our trip in my inevitable blog.
We started our whirlwind tour in Shanghai, a major city in China of 23 million inhabitants. This photo shows the Jade Buddha Temple.
Some of the thousands of figures that make up the Terracotta Army, photographed here in Pit 1 at the excavation site in Xi’An. The figures date from 210-219 BC and were discovered by chance when some workmen were digging a well in March 1974. What a find!
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, showing the iconic portrait of Chairman Mao Tse Tung.
The ornate and colourful gates to the Summer Palace in Beijing. Everywhere you go in China you see beautiful and ornate temples, palaces and pagodas. It’s a country of contrasts, where the ancient past rubs shoulders comfortably with the fast-advancing technological China of today.
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