Life on the Ocean Waves
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Artemis Braemar Arcadia Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands
Nautical miles sailed to date
Clicking on the small map below will open a full-size map in its own window, showing the route the ship took. For clarity, I have listed the ports of call on each voyage separately, along with their geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude.)
Small map of the Pacific Ocean
Ship: M/V Xpedition, 8 Oct - 15 Oct 2017 Baltra, Galápagos: 00º 27' S, 90º 15' W Santiago Island: 00º 14' S, 90º 51’ W Rabida Island: 00º 23' S, 90º 42' W Cross the Equator at 00º 00' 00” S/N Cross the Equator at 00º 00' 00” N/S Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island: 00º 36' S, 91º 12' W Cross the Equator at 00º 00' 00” S/N Cross the Equator at 00º 00' 00” N/S Santiago & Bartolome: 00º 17' S, 90º 33' W Santa Cruz: 00º 37' S, 90º 22' W North Seymour: 00º 23' S, 90º 17' W San Cristobal: 00º 49' S, 89º 25' W Puerta Ayora: 00º 45' S, 90º 19' W
Many grateful thanks to the wonderful staff and naturalists on board the Celebrity Xpedition for the lovely souvenir they gave us, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation containing all the best photos of this incredible voyage. I have taken the liberty of converting the presentation to a standard MP4 video, and this is shown below. Best enjoyed in full screen!
Galapagos sea lions, with the Xpedition in the background The famed Galapagos Giant Tortoise, Santa Cruz island Blue footed booby