Life on the Ocean Waves
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Artemis Braemar Arcadia M/S Queen Elizabeth 2 World-famous Queen Elizabeth 2
Queen Elizabeth 2 vital statistics Company: Cunard (until November 2008) Home Port: Southampton, England Gross Tonnage: 70,327 tons Cruising Speed: 23-28 knots (max 32.5 knots) Passenger Capacity: 1,791 Passenger Decks: 12 Built: 1969 Voyages sailed on this ship: 2 x Transatlantic
The 'grand old lady' of the seas, the QE2 was the fastest of the ocean liners; she could achieve a faster speed in reverse (18 knots) than a lot of ships can going forward!
Trevor on the QE2 on our 1997 transatlantic voyage
Trevor stands on the deck of the QE2 with the distinctive red funnel in the background.
Trevor meets Murray Walker on the QE2 in 1997 The QE2's last visit to the Tyne in 2008 The QE2 in retirement in Dubai
You never know who you might meet on a Cunard transatlantic voyage, but "unless I'm very much mistaken" here's Trevor with motor racing commentator Murray Walker on the QE2 in June 1997.
In October 2008 we witnessed the QE2 leaving the Tyne for the last time on her final voyage around the British Isles. A large crowd had turned out at the Port of Tyne to see this iconic ship leave port. The captain, who incidentally was from Sunderland, gave three 10-second blasts of the ship’s forghorn before she moved away from her berth and slowly made her way down the Tyne to the North Sea. From our vantage point we could also hear an on-board opera singer singing the appropriate (and sad) song “Time To Say Goodbye”.
The poignant sight of the QE2 in retirement in Dubai, taken from the deck of the QM2 during our Indian Ocean voyage in 2010. The name of Southampton has been noticeably removed from her stern and the name 'Port Vila' painted there instead. A true legend.
The QE2 in Dubai in January 2018 The QE2 in January 2018, against the Dubai skyline
The QE2 in Dubai in January 2018, the year in which she reaches 10 years in reitrement. We were pleased to see that the ship was not in as poor condition as we had anticipated; indeed we spotted quite a few men working on the decks, so perhaps Dubai has plans for this great liner after all.
The QE2 against the distinctive Dubai skyline, including the Burj Khalifa on the right. Photo taken from our vantage point on board the Celebrity Constellation in January 2018.