Life on the Ocean Waves
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Artemis Braemar Arcadia RMS Queen Mary 2 Queen Mary 2 in Barbados in January 2004
Queen Mary 2 vital statistics Company: Cunard Home Port: Hamilton, Bermuda Gross Tonnage: 151,400 tons Cruising Speed: 28 knots Passenger Capacity: 2,620 Passenger Decks: 12 Built: 2003  
The QM2 visits Barbados on her Maiden Voyage in 2004. Click the picture to see the enlarged version
Queen Mary 2 - the ship of superlatives. Greatest,   longest,   tallest,   widest,   biggest,   grandest,   most   expensive; she   is   the   epitome   of   ocean   liners   at   their   most   glamorous.   We   were lucky   enough   to   go   on   the   Maiden   Voyage   of   QM2   and   participate   in history    in   the   making.   The   photos   were   taken   at   various   times during   the   maiden   voyage   from   Southampton   to   Fort   Lauderdale between 12 - 26 January 2004. We   have   since   crossed   the   Indian   Ocean   on   this   magnificent   vessel, from Dubai to Hong Kong , in January/February 2010. Click   on   the   small   photos   to   open   a   larger   picture   in   its   own window. Click     here      to     read     the     review     of     my     2010     voyage     on
Crowds in Gran Canaria gathered to greet the QM2 Pavement art in Las Palmas proclaiming 'Bienvenido' The Royal Barbados Police Band salute the QM2
On 17th January 2004, the Queen Mary 2 docked in Las Palmas to a tumultuous welcoming crowd. From early morning until she sailed in the evening, the crowds never dispersed. People were singing, cheering and waving all day long and we had never experienced anything like it. As you can see, there was an area fenced off with barriers, to allow the QM2's passengers to disembark and re-embark the vessel. We had to show our boarding passes to the security guards to be allowed through the barrier. When we did so, we were treated like celebrities!
This photo shows a magnificent work of pavement art proclaiming 'Bienvenido' to QM2. The people had been given the day off work, especially to be allowed to come to see her on her inaugural visit. At the end of the day, as she set sail, the most amazing firework display lit up the January night. It was certainly an unforgettable day.
On arrival in Bridgetown, Barbados on 22nd January 2004, the QM2 was greeted by the ubiquitous crowds. The Royal Barbados Police Band turned out in honour of this great ship, playing a selection of nautical and patriotic tunes. Incidentally, we had seen and heard the R.B.P.B. on a visit to Barbados only five months before; we were flying home on the very last scheduled Concorde  flight out of Bridgetown and the Police Band gave us a trumpeted guard of honour.
Britannia restaurant on board the QM2 QM2 in Barbados on her Maiden Voyage in 2004
The interior of the QM2 is absolutely opulent, and transports you to a bygone era of luxury.  Here is the two-tier Britannia restaurant.  As there are so many passengers dinner is served over two sittings; one at 18:30 and one at 20:30 hours. You're not limited to eating in the Britannia at a set time, however; there is a self-service buffet style restaurant and the famous Todd English restaurant, as well as several other eateries.  No-one need ever fear of starving on board an ocean liner!
Passengers received a certificate to commemorate sailing on the Maiden Voage of the Queen Mary 2.
Again, this photo, taken in Barbados, illustrates the size of the 'queen of the seas' compared with other cruise ships (except that the QM2 is not a cruise ship, she is an ocean liner - there is a difference!) The vessel on the far left is a pretty big Carnival ship, probably around the 85,000 ton mark, but it is dwarfed by the 151,000 ton bulk of the biggest passenger liner ever built.
Queen Mary 2 in Southampton in May 2015 QM2 with QE in Southampton in May 2015 Convoy of Queens leaving Southampton
Queen Mary 2 in Southampton on 3rd May 2015, ready to lead the fleet of Cunard ships at the start of the “Cunard 175” anniversary celebrations.  Photo taken from the Queen Victoria.
Queen Mary 2 with Queen Elizabeth (right) getting into position for all three Queens to leave Southampton together.  Taken from our vantage point on board Queen Victoria.
Convoy of Queens.  QM2 (in front) with QE behind her.  Photo taken from the QV.