Life on the Ocean Waves
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Artemis Braemar Arcadia Across the Mighty Pacific
Nautical miles sailed to date
Clicking on the small maps below will open a full-size map (1024 x 768) in its own window, on which I have drawn the route each ship took. For clarity, I have listed the ports of call on each voyage separately, along with their geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude.)
Small map of the Pacific Ocean
Ship: M/S Volendam, 24 Sep-10 Oct 2009 A typical transpacific voyage takes no less than nine days. Seattle, USA: 47º 36' N, 122º 19' W Cross International Dateline: 47º 00' N, 180º W/E Hakodate, Japan: 41º 46' N, 140º 44' E Otaru, Japan: 43º 11' N, 140º 59' E Aomori, Japan: 40º 49' N, 140º 45' E Kobe, Japan: 34º 40' N, 135º 09' E Osaka, Japan: 34º 40' N, 135º 27' E
The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the five oceans and its surface area is larger than all the earth's land masses combined. Crossing the Pacific in a westerly direction we found to be quite disorientating. As well as the initial 8-hour time difference we experienced between the UK and Seattle (where we boarded), we were to experience 25-hour days for the next eight days as we crossed a different time zone each day. Crossing the International Date Line at longitude 180° also meant that we skipped an entire day! So keeping track of the hours, and even the days of the week, was quite a challenge! By the time we flew back home from Japan we had circumnavigated the entire planet :-) Phileas Fogg did it in 80 days - we did it in 18.
Crossing the International Date Line gave us a 'Groundhog Day'.
On our 2019 crossing from west to east we experienced nine different time zones and enjoyed Sunday 19th May 2019 twice - a Groundhog Day!
Ship: Azamara Quest, 12 - 25 May 2019 Yokahama, Japan: 35º 26' N, 139º 38' E Muroran, Japan: 42º 19' N, 140º 58' E Kushiro, Japan: 42º 59' N, 144º 23' E Petropavlovsk, Russia: 53º 01' N, 158º 39' E Cross International Dateline: 55º 00' N, 180º E/W Dutch Harbor, Alaska: 53º 54' N, 166º 31' W Homer, Alaska: 59º 38' N, 151º 31' W Seward, Alaska: 60º 07' N, 149º 26' W